March 7, 2010

Welcome to H.O.D., a poetry e-zine.  There is no budget currently, so I apologize for the cheapness of a free blogsite theme.  My original hope was to launch this as a print journal, but my current options are free and not what I want.  While print is still the goal, H.O.D. will start out as a .pdf journal published three times yearly.

The first issue will appear here on the first day of Summer 2010.   Issue #2 will appear October 31st.  Issue #3 will appear February 14, 2011.  This is set in stone.

While it may seem like two of these dates indicate THEMES, they do not.  I am open to publishing almost anything.  From generic MFA writing to ripping underground rants on men/women, power, or respect.  From bumps in the night to the forgotten uncles in our lives.

H.O.D. (A Handful Of Dust) is open to most anything.  I prefer poetry that is less experimental in form than subject.  While other magazines claim to create a “diverse, open forum,” then immediately filter out groups, ideologies, or genders, H.O.D. is truly open to most anything.  Right-Wing, Left-Wing, Broken Wing, Whacked-Out-Christian-to-Uptight-Atheist-Asshole, Literary, Mainstream (But I’m pretty much repeating myself), Underground, Outsider, and Horror.  If it is good, it is good.  Subtlety is good.

H.O.D. seeks submissions of carefully edited, well-written poetry (and micro-fiction that can double as prose poetry).  H.O.D. wants to publish the best of what can be described as grit lit.  Dirty, filthy, beautiful.  My tastes range from Southern grit to Urban myth.  I’m not going to name drop like others, because I want YOUR best.  If you’ve learned how to write as a bunch of different poets in your MFA program, I don’t want to influence which false voice you decide to send me.  I want YOUR voice, I want it loud, and I want it now.  Edgy, however, is not something to aim for.  I don’t think it means what most of these poets think it means.

If you think you have something good enough for the journal, send it.  I’ll be happy to read it.

See Submit for more information.


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