The Debut Issue

June 20, 2010

The First issue is finally here! Click the picture to read in your browser.  Right-Click and select Save-As to enjoy it at your leisure.

UPDATE (09/07/2010): I’ve left the comments open on this post for ideas as the journal moves forward.  I had a poet withdraw his(er) work because there were no individual links to each work.  It might be something I’ll look into.  It depends on my grasp of how I do the things I do.  Possibly some internal links in the content sections or something.  Have any suggestions?  Comments?  Hate? Love? Spam?


2 Responses to “The Debut Issue”

  1. fred tarr said

    issue very good. thanx for accepting Rodney’s song for issue #2. any chance in reversing ground/field in default menu for zine download?. Zine on line bkgd is all black and for all us USB printer owners, it’s eating up my black cartridge.

    Thanks. fred

  2. hodeditor said


    I compile each piece using P-shop and enjoy (for most pieces) a white text on black background display (unless it is one of my pieces of “art”(which are done on lighter backgrounds (scraps of poetry) and/or the mood hits)). If you are talking about something built into a .pdf-creator, I haven’t explored it deeply enough.

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