December 8, 2010

H.O.D.  will be reading submissions until 01/15/2011 for inclusion in Issue #3.  All work, including work meeting the deadline, will be considered for Issues #3 and #4.

I’m trying to publish unpublished work only, so please do not send prepublished work postpublished for me to publish.  I’m lazy.  I probably won’t find out about it.  And no attachments.  I’ve read them in the past, reluctantly, but I just don’t like responding to them when they come that way.  Comments on all rejection notices.  Rarely comments on acceptances.  Be honest.  Have fun.  Send a SHORT bio (50 words).  I rarely accept autobiographies with the poetry I publish.  Simultaneous is fine. NOTE:   These guidelines supersede previous guidelines.  (I’m too lazy to check, but I think I’m actually restating the guidelines found under the submit tab.)

E-mail submissions to (NO. Attachments. Please.  Just Copy & Paste.  Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V, if you use Windows.   Mac-Jargon, Mac-Jargon, Mac-Jargon, if you use a mac.   🙂   ) Include a bio.

Artwork (B&W Photos/Sketches) is a plus right now.  My crayons are all dull from work.  Send jpegs to  .

The issue will come out 02/14/2011.


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