February 13, 2011

Issue #3 is so close I can taste it in the muddy remainder of my NESQUIK, friends.

I will post Issue #3 at 12:00 PM tomorrow.

A great lineup of writers and artists, Issue #3 features:

Chris Allen
Joe Amaral
Peter Bergquist
Marri Champie
Shelby Denham
Teseleanu George
Howie Good
Peter Grieco
Kyle Hemmings
Michael Lee Johnson
Michael Keshigian
Shareen Knight
P.A. Levy
Barbara Lovenheim
Alison Luterman
Denny E. Marshall
Joseph V. Milford
Jimmy Nieto
Mary C. O’Malley
Grant Palmer
Joe Perretta
Jason Ryberg
L.B. Sedlacek
David Sutherland
James Valvis
Allison Wilkins
Shanna Williams
Ron Yazinski

see you tomorrow @ https://hofd.wordpress.com/


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