These wonderful folks will be featured in the upcoming issue of H.O.D. (A Handful Of Dust).  Show them some love late Tuesday when the issue goes live!

Chris Anderson

Barry Basden

Jenny Billings Beaver

Gary Beck 

Valentina Cano     

James H Duncan

John Grey

Ira Joel Haber

Robert Morris Kennedy

Rick Marlatt       

Denny E. Marshall

Catfish McDaris

Joseph V. Milford  

Joey Nicoletti

Jacob Oet 

 Grant Palmer

Vivek Sharma

James Valvis


Plus, submissions are always open.


April 25, 2011

We’re On Duotrope!  Report your responses!  Woohoo!

We’re on Facebook!

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That’s pretty much all…Click the picture below to load issue three.  If you think you’d like to be a part of the…er…what exactly…excitement(?) 3-5 poems.  Unpublished. No Attachments.

April 1, 2011


It has come to light that some don’t like telling me when their work has been accepted by other publications.  Whether through oversight or otherwise, I kind of see this as being a little bit unprofessional.  One with a dislike of the high road, I will also be unprofessional if I find out that this has happened.  It’s no real skin off my nose.  I just know you can be better than that.  So, here are the rules (basic, basic rules) again.


1) I accept only UNPUBLISHED poetry/short prose.
2) I have no choice but to accept SIMULTANEOUS subs.
3) LET ME KNOW if someone else has accepted it; or hey! LET THEM KNOW that I’ve accepted it.

Trust me…With my schedule, there should be no excuses.




Issue #3

February 14, 2011

Click The Picture To View On-Site
Right-Click, Save Link/Target As To View At Your Leisure


February 13, 2011

Issue #3 is so close I can taste it in the muddy remainder of my NESQUIK, friends.

I will post Issue #3 at 12:00 PM tomorrow.

A great lineup of writers and artists, Issue #3 features:

Chris Allen
Joe Amaral
Peter Bergquist
Marri Champie
Shelby Denham
Teseleanu George
Howie Good
Peter Grieco
Kyle Hemmings
Michael Lee Johnson
Michael Keshigian
Shareen Knight
P.A. Levy
Barbara Lovenheim
Alison Luterman
Denny E. Marshall
Joseph V. Milford
Jimmy Nieto
Mary C. O’Malley
Grant Palmer
Joe Perretta
Jason Ryberg
L.B. Sedlacek
David Sutherland
James Valvis
Allison Wilkins
Shanna Williams
Ron Yazinski

see you tomorrow @

February 8, 2011

Issue #3 is coming soon.
Final preparations are being made.
Additions to the site will either appear before or shortly after.
Links to contributors will be on-site (with links to the issues they appeared in).
Submissions are open, too.
Reading primarily for Issue #4.
Reading will wrap up around the middle of May (or so).
This allows me to create art, if needed.

More. Shortly.

December 8, 2010

H.O.D.  will be reading submissions until 01/15/2011 for inclusion in Issue #3.  All work, including work meeting the deadline, will be considered for Issues #3 and #4.

I’m trying to publish unpublished work only, so please do not send prepublished work postpublished for me to publish.  I’m lazy.  I probably won’t find out about it.  And no attachments.  I’ve read them in the past, reluctantly, but I just don’t like responding to them when they come that way.  Comments on all rejection notices.  Rarely comments on acceptances.  Be honest.  Have fun.  Send a SHORT bio (50 words).  I rarely accept autobiographies with the poetry I publish.  Simultaneous is fine. NOTE:   These guidelines supersede previous guidelines.  (I’m too lazy to check, but I think I’m actually restating the guidelines found under the submit tab.)

E-mail submissions to (NO. Attachments. Please.  Just Copy & Paste.  Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V, if you use Windows.   Mac-Jargon, Mac-Jargon, Mac-Jargon, if you use a mac.   🙂   ) Include a bio.

Artwork (B&W Photos/Sketches) is a plus right now.  My crayons are all dull from work.  Send jpegs to  .

The issue will come out 02/14/2011.

Issue #2

October 31, 2010

HODFall10Issue 02


Click the picture to load the .pdf.
Right-Click the picture and choose Save As to enjoy at your leisure.

If you like it, please consider using some of the services linked onto the post (facebook, twitter, etc.) to let other folks in on the sweet madness.

Issue #2

October 31, 2010

Issue #2 Is Only Hours Away!


It Features Work By The Following:

Andrew Abbott
Joe Amaral
Marri Champie
Marion Deutsche Cohen
Louie Crew
Gail Denham
Shelby Denham
Teseleanu George
Doug Holder
Michael Lee Johnson
Eileen Malone
Denny E. Marshall
Ed McCourt
David McLean
Stephen Mead
Ben Nardolilli
Mary C. O’Malley
Adrian S. Potter
Michael Lee Rattigan
R.A. Riekki
Jason Ryberg
Fred Tarr
Laura Madeline Wiseman
Ron Yazinski


The Debut Issue

June 20, 2010

The First issue is finally here! Click the picture to read in your browser.  Right-Click and select Save-As to enjoy it at your leisure.

UPDATE (09/07/2010): I’ve left the comments open on this post for ideas as the journal moves forward.  I had a poet withdraw his(er) work because there were no individual links to each work.  It might be something I’ll look into.  It depends on my grasp of how I do the things I do.  Possibly some internal links in the content sections or something.  Have any suggestions?  Comments?  Hate? Love? Spam?