H.O.D. accepts submissions of artwork @ h.o.d.submissions@gmail.com.

Attach up to three works for consideration.  Anything from pencil-and-ink to photoshop murals.  Attachments should be under 400kb and in Jpg or tiff.  If I like a piece, I will request a higher quality file. Please, send a cover letter in the body of the e-mail.

Your SUBJECT line should read:  ARTWORK – LAST NAME – DATE

If rejected I will comment on your best piece, if your want me to. (Mention in the cover letter if you want comments.)  Basically, I am just looking for artwork that is gritty, B&W photos of grit, badass sketches of grit.  Grit.  Dirty, Beautiful Madness.  I’ll respond in about a month.

There is no compensation at the moment (other than what little exposure there will be with the magazine.)   If there is going to be a print journal, this will change.  Right now, I just ask for First North American Serial Electronic Rights.  After it is published here, you are free to publish it elsewhere.  I just ask that you mention our little publication.


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