H.O.D. accepts submissions through e-mail.

H.O.D. wants 3-5 poems sent in the body of an e-mail with a nice cover letter.  NO ATTACHMENTS.

H.O.D. wants your Subject to say:  Poetry Sub – Last Name – Date.  Helps me, you, the e-zine.

H.O.D. always comments on submissions.  (What’d You Say???)  Yes.  I will try, try, try to comment on all rejections, generally commenting on a good point of emphasis and a constructive point of emphasis on your strongest piece.  These comments will always be constructive in nature.  If you do not want comments on your submission, then mention this in your cover letter.  (I know some do not want comments.)


NOTE:  If your work is good (the gray area) but not great/suitable for H.O.D., and I cannot really see an area to critique, I will normally tell you this in your rejection and list a publication or two where I think you might be able to make a sale.


Unless I mention in your rejection for you to revise and resubmit, DO NOT REVISE AND RESUBMIT.  It will make me the happiest editor in all of London.  (I do not live in London.)  Please, limit yourself to one submission between issues.  That is:  One Submission (1, uno, eins) per Issue.  Or three times a year.  Nov-Feb 14.  Feb 15-June 2? (depending). June 2?-October 31. This would make me even happier!

Acceptance is the best comment I can make on a piece.

The three tiers of rejection/acceptance are as follows:

Rejections will come first (within a month or two).  These will be the quickest submissions I will respond to.

Acceptance off an initial read (within a month or two).  If your piece knocks me off my feet, then you’ll be quickly sent an acceptance letter.

Held Submissions (somewhat longer).  These will be the slowest pieces replied to.  You will get an initial reply that states the individual works I am interested in.  I’ll let you know that I’m going to let them settle for a little while.  It could be up to a month or more, depending on when you submitted.

There is no compensation at the moment (other than what little exposure there will be with the magazine.)   If there is going to be a print journal, this will change.  Right now, I just ask for First North American Serial Electronic Rights.  After it is published here, you are free to publish it elsewhere.  I just ask that you wait a month or two and mention our little publication.

Send a cover letter and 3-5 poems in the body of an E-Mail to:  h.o.d.submissions@gmail.com  No Attachments.

Query after three months.

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